Disposition Matrix File 3: The Death of a Supreme Court Justice



Antonin Scalia (79) was nominated as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Raised in an Italian Catholic family in Queens, New York – conservative values helped shaped and disciplined him for his collegiate pursuits.

In 1957, Scalia graduated valedictorian from Georgetown University (D.C.) and then attended and graduated from Harvard Law School. He met Maureen McCarthy while at Harvard and the two of them married in the fall of 1960. They had nine children.

Scalia ruled over his term in the Supreme Court by enacting a “purist” or “Gorsuch” interpretation of the constitution – differing from new-age society philosophies that deem the constitution adaptable to current standards of living. He placed a high belief on the power of the Legislative branch and it’s the ability to bring balance between the Executive and Judicial through the will of the people represented through the senate and congress of the United States.




Judge Scalia attended a weekend hunting exhibition at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas on behalf of an invite from President Reagan’s former National Security Adviser and the ranch’s owner, John Poindexter (seen in the picture below with President Obama).

(Credit: DC Whispers)


Judge Scalia joined an evening party with thirty-five fellow guests of the Cibolo Creek Ranch and retreated to his bedroom around 10 p.m that night.


At 12:14 p.m. on February 13 Judge Scalia’s body was found by John Poindexter; he contacted the Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez to report the death.  According to Sheriff Dominguez, Poindexter wouldn’t give him the name of the deceased and requested the investigation be turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Sheriff Danny Dominguez (Credit: BigBendNow)


Sheriff Dominguez via the police death report: “He (John Poindexter) then stated to me that this death was way beyond my authority and that it should go the Feds (Marshals),”  “I then replied it doesn’t matter who it is, it was still under my jurisdiction.

No autopsy was conducted on Judge Scalia; according to Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, Scalia’s family insisted on skipping the autopsy.  Judge Guevara proclaimed Judge Scalia’s death to be of “natural causes” after speaking via telephone to the U.S. Marshals at the scene (who are not trained in forensic techniques) and to Scalia’s personal doctor.  Judge Guevara originally made a confusing statement regarding Judge Scalia’s cause of death; she was also the center of a controversial ruling on the death of a young woman named Melaney Parker.

Even the Left-Wing media questioned the decision of not performing an autopsy.  Dr. Judy Melinek is a forensic pathologist who penned an article for CNN on the Scalia death in 2016; she states: “Scalia had underlying medical conditions, but he did not have a known terminal illness. He was not expected to die at any moment.

Judge Scalia had a history of health problems including coronary artery disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and other ailments.  At the scene of the death, a breathing machine was found on the left side of his bed but was not connected to him; everything seemed to be positioned in an orderly fashion and showed no signs of a struggle.  Scalia’s head was propped up by three full-sized pillows and had a loose pillowcase positioned over his face.

(Credit: Matthew Busch / Getty Images)

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies  At West Texas Resort

The Police Report states:The top pillowcase appeared to have shifted at some point in the night due to the weight of his pillow, causing the pillowcase to slide down and cover his eyes.

More details have surfaced since the Judge Scalia’s investigation including a vague (WikiLeaks) John Podesta email sent to Democratic strategist Steve Elmendorf four days before Scalia’s death–

Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at Vineyard.


Wet works – Slang term for assassinations/spilling blood

Pool parties –  Social gathering

Vineyard – A sphere of endeavor and/or a physical vineyard near the Ranch

Didn’t think assassinations meant social gatherings at the endeavor (attempt)


From an alleged eye-witness in Texas:

The evening of Justice Scalia’s death, a jet flew over our house with two fighter jets accompanying – all three flying at extremely low altitude. Our home is directly NE of Texas camp.” – Carol Bell

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